Development Advice
ART have been involved in both commercial and residential development for over 30 years, advising on the acquisition and disposal of development land across the UK
Assessing the development value of a plot of land requires a wide range of skills and knowhow. Over the years, we have built a proven track record of both acquiring and disposing of land on behalf of a range of clients.

In most instances there will be a wide range of eventual uses to which a plot of land could be put. Identifying the highest value land use requires a detailed knowledge of planning regulations, valuation methodology and market conditions. When disposing of a piece of land, identification of the likely end use is critical to marketing to the relevant potential purchasers.

We are experienced in carrying out development and residual appraisals on behalf of a range of clients.

Case Studies

Land at Doncaster

We were asked by industrial clients to advise on the disposal of surplus land in Doncaster. After investigation we advised that the site had potential for redevelopment as a retail warehouse park. Town planning consent for a retail warehouse development of 100,000 sq.ft. was achieved on appeal and we negotiated a sale of the land at a substantially enhanced price.

Further development case studies available upon request

Other projects have included a major residential development in Hampstead, business space and food store schemes in the Midlands and a retail warehouse development in North Yorkshire.