Alexander Reece Thomson (ART) acts for a wide range of ratepayers across the UK and are proud to have saved our clients’ money through diligent and determined Business Rates Appeals
Business Rates accounts for one of the largest outgoings for many businesses after staff costs and rent. Alexander Reece Thomson are here to help reduce the burden of business rates by helping achieve both long term and temporary Business Rates savings.

On 1 April 2017, the new Non-Domestic Rating List will come into force. This will replace the existing List which has been in place since 1 April 2010. The 2017 List will be based on a hypothetical rental value for your premises as at the Antecedent Valuation Date, 1 April 2015. It is anticipated that most Central London rating assessments will be very significantly increased.

ART has a long and successful track record of mitigating Ratepayers’ Rates liability. We were proud to have lead the appeals process for medical properties around Harley Street since the 1990 Rating List and have successfully negotiated significant savings for many of our Clients.

ART can help you if:

- You would like an estimate of what your new Business Rates will be in 2017;
- You would like advice on whether you should appeal your Business Rates assessment;
- You are concerned about the impact of building works or road works on your business which could merit a temporary reduction;
- You are refurbishing your building and would like advice on whether you can reduce your Business Rates cost.

The 2017 Non-Domestic Rating List is coming. Please feel free to download our 2017 Business Rates Bulletin or call us now to ensure you are fully prepared.

Case Studies

18 Parkshot, Richmond, TW9

Acting for the Landlord of a building in Richmond who was carrying out a major refurbishment, ART negotiated a reduction in Rateable Value from £252,500 to nil, generating over £146,500 for our Client in savings.

16 Hanover Street, London W1

Acting for the Tenant of a building in Hanover Street we negotiated a reduction in Rateable Value from £360,000 to £200,000, saving our Client over £430,000. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please see a link to our latest Rating Bulletin below with information about the upcoming 2017 Business Rates Revaluation:

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Deer Park Road, SW19

ART acted for the Landlord of a vacant building in London and successfully argued that the building was incapable of economic repair and the building was deleted from the Rating List, generating savings of over £150,000.