Getting the best out of property has never been easy. Complex legislation, EU regulations and an increasingly competitive commercial property market make it harder than ever to make informed and confident decisions.
Here are some of the questions you may have asked yourself:

– Our rent review is due - it will almost certainly go up.
Would this be a good time to relocate? What are our options?
– We are looking to move to new offices - where do we start looking?
What should we consider?
– Our lease is about to expire - what are the options?
– Our company needs to expand, should we extend or move -
Which is more cost effective?
– Should our property be elected for VAT?
– We think the company’s business rates are too high. Is there a chance of a reduction?
– Major repairs are required - should the work be carried out now?
Who is responsible for the works?
– What financial provision should we make for dilapidations?

ART can provide the answers leaving you to concentrate on your business.